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By arkensielphoto

Broken Egg Shell

We both had dental appointments this morning and I needed a filling in one of my molars; the time is coming when it will have to be crowned, but for now it has been repaired. I had also managed to chip one of my front teeth, how, I do not know, but that was repaired as well.
Then after purchasing some sandwiches for lunch and having coffee in Waitrose we returned home and then I went to Victoria’s home. No Hydrotherapy today as their boiler was being repaired; instead she will go on Thursday and Friday this week.
A lovely sunny day and a walk around the garden revealed lots of young fruit on the trees. However, I also found this broken eggshell, which is not a duck’s egg as it is the wrong colour; although it is the size of a duck’s egg. It looks like it might be a pheasant or partridge or some kind of game bird.

During the evening, which was spent helping my husband to repair the lock and workings of one of our conservatory doors, there was a sudden commotion. I had just seen a Buzzard and a Sparrow Hawk fly over and thought they were attaching Dougal. Not it was a gang of Magpies attacking him as he had caught one of the young. Fortunately Dougal gave it up and came indoors. The little bird sheltered in the border for a while and then I lifted it up to allow it to fly into the border in the orchard. Hopefully its Mummy and Daddy will find it there and take it home.

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