Age Advantage

There are a few things that are worth having if one is a bit long in the tooth but still fleet of foot, and one of them is a bus pass. His Lordship’s and my bus pass were proffered to the booking clerk at the bus station this morning in exchange for tickets on the Gold Bus to Aberdeen in a fortnight’s time. It is a one stop at Dundee service which serves hot drinks and biscuits and cake twice in the 3 hour journey and all for the charge of £1 each way. What could one not like about that?

It is also convenient for the bus station to be situated across the tranquil St Andrew Square, with its moat surrounded by curves of grass and flower beds, from the Ivy restaurant.
The latter is so urbane and civilised and welcoming especially when the ‘heid bummer’ tells us we both look great despite those long fangs. Should I be offended that he can count the rings in my teeth from a distance?

With a spring in our step we bounded (well I bounded while HL took a more dignified ascent) up the Playfair Steps home in the hope of the east coast haar retreating to give us a warmer afternoon than the cool 8° of the morning. The ever present cold east wind is becoming very annoying.

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