A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

T shirt walk.

A gorgeous morning, not the forecast mist, ski set off for my lift to the early walk in a T shirt and sunglasses (other garments were worn!) Rare for me.

Rose54 kindly gave us a lift to Shipley Glen and then we followed a path I've never been on before that skirted above Shipley and Saltaire to Baildon Cliffs. I have been there before and there are great views over Salts Mill and Sir Titus Salt's model village. A UNESCO World Heritage Site which has featured in many blips (extra)

We climbed up and over the cliffs (using steps) and eventually back onto Baildon Moor. Though still very warm the cloud was building up. This is when I spotted my blip. Loved the lone tree silhouetted against the 'mackerel?' sky.

A great walk back down the Moor to the Glen. Thanks Wilsden Walker for organising.

Back home the sun was out again and I was out in the garden. Chris was cutting the lawns and I was spurred on by the arrival of some summer flowering plug plants I'd ordered to plant them and continue the weeding. (Where do they come from? Now recovering from wrestling buttercups out from under a rose!)

No rain or storms here yet. Hope it holds off for the weekend. Have a good one everybody and many thanks for your love for the swan family yesterday.

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