I was going to miss Flower Friday this week and take a street scene when I went into town to meet my friend, Debbie, but our Compassion Rose has been so beautiful this year, that I decided I could take a photograph of Debbie at any time - so sorry Debbie!  

This rose was given to us by our friends, Pete and Angie, on the occasion of our Baptism in 2001 - so it is now 17 years old.  It blooms well every year and we are so blessed by the memories, not only of our baptism, but of Pete and particularly Angie, who died about five years ago.  Angie loved her garden, and she was especially fond of roses, so it is good to have this particular one in our garden so that we can remember her with love and affection.

When I was out taking the photograph, which is SOOC, I could smell not only this beautiful rose, but also the honeysuckle, which is on the fence behind and the perfume was wonderful - I wish I could bottle it up and Blip that too.

After I had written the above, I found this quote, which is so true.

“If only there could be 
     an invention 
          that bottled up a memory, 
               like scent. 
And it never faded, 
     and it never got stale. 
And then, when one wanted it, 
     the bottle could be uncorked, 
          and it would be like living the moment 
               all over again.”
Daphne du Maurier : Rebecca

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