Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Football fever

Isn't it great when everyone gets in on the programme?

I spotted these football decorated Krispy Kreme doughnuts when we went to eat at the Food Court in Dubai Mall this afternoon. We don't often visit this part of the Mall, but it is actually a nice food court with some of the usual suspects and lots of other unique food outlets.

So, we were on the hunt for a webcam which G has been researching online to enhance her online tutoring. I've seen a good selection on an online store, but in the shops... it's a different story. Out of five places we visited, only two had any and they were multiple copies of the same model. Online it is then.

The afternoon/evening was busy chatting with SweetArt and later, the football matches, only one of which was shown by the "Official broadcaster" beIN Sports. Guess which game they showed.

Our cleaner had an accident and has injured his left thumb, so took the day off yesterday, and came today instead. For some reason, the doctor said he didn't need a support, so we went down to the pharmacy to get him something to help with the healing.

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