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By walkingMarj

D Day

We have talked and talked about when to allow the cats to go outside. Daisy worried us early on by escaping and staying out for 40 hours. Our main concern though was Oscar, who continues to be very frightened of every sound and person and movement.

This morning, instead of feeding them, I let them go into the conservatory and then opened the door to the patio. Daisy was first, but sniffed cautiously and then very slowly went outside. Oscar was even more unsure, looking back and checking around and about.

Here is Daisy about to leave the patio and enter the garden. Oscar chose the opposite route around the side of the house.

Five minutes later Daisy was back inside. Ten minutes later, Oscar returned too. Phew!

I went on my annual trip to Gowk Bank Nature Reserve on the River Irthing today. There were very few orchids compared to usual, but perhaps they have flowered and gone. The fragrant orchids were only down the bank near the river, where I also found fresh twayblade flowers. The grasses and other wild flowers were fabulous and the colours very vibrant in the sun. I've had to reduce the saturation in some to avoid viewers reaching for their sunglasses!

Margret joined us for dinner. I'd finally cooked the fish pie I'd been planning to make all week. Tasty, but I do use a lot of pots and pans to make it. 

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