Fabulous Fungus

Finlay and I went out for our walk early again - it felt a little cooler this morning but was very humid. We found a recently deceased pheasant (road kill) and there was a huge mass of feathers laying around. He wanted to sniff them thoroughly and when he lifted his head the front of his muzzle was coated with them and he freaked out! Took a while to get hold of him and remove them.

This Dryad’s Saddle fungus has returned - huge great growths of it on a dead log - I though it wasn’t going to appear this year, it usually seems to be out in spring.

Mrs madwill and I spent all day at our daughter’s house helping to decorate a room that our granddaughter is moving into to make way for the new baby! Daughter has been booked in for a c-section on 13th August (it is mainly precautionary after all the difficulties last time). Four weeks to go…..

We had to remove laminate flooring, sand all the skirting and paint most of the walls (three coats needed on some) and I also replaced some broken floorboards. It was hot and humid and exhausting.

We are back on Thursday to fix blinds and curtain tracks and to paper one of the walls.

I have been browsing some journals to catch up - apologies if I have been filling up your Inbox!

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