Sportive : playful; light-hearted.

I am quite happy to walk over a pedestrian footbridge to get to the other side of the road, but draw the line at climbing vertically up a wall - with nothing to hold on to but coloured metal struts!

I saw this when I went into town this morning and of course, it is an optical illusion, because the door for pedestrians to go into the car park was under the sign, and I purposely avoided taking a shot of the doorway that so that I could get this shot.  This fits the challenge, I believe, and is quite abstract - so job done.

Too hot to do anything else today - I keep thinking of Mr. HCB and hoping he has found some shade today.  I sat in the garden for a while, but despite plastering myself with Jungle Juice, the ants still seemed to like me, so I have come in and just hope they don’t follow me.  Thank you to everyone who made suggestions about how best to treat my bites - I’ve got to the point now where I imagine I have ants crawling all over me and can even “feel” them, but when I look, there’s nothing.  

“Our perceptions are fallible. 
     We sometimes see what isn’t there. 
          We are prey to optical illusions. 
               Occasionally we hallucinate. 
                    We are error-prone.”
Carl Sagan

P.S.  I have put a shot of the car park building in as an extra - you will see it's quite high so probably best I didn't try climbing!  
The extra doesn't seem to want to load - I have tried logging out and back in, but having tried 3 times, I will make a report via the normal channels and may put it in later.  

P.P.S.  All credit to Graham on the Blip Team who has helped to sort this - now you can see the size of the car park I might have climbed if I had been feeling a little more adventurous!

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