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By walkingMarj


Margret (next door) and her sister-in-law, Fleur, came for dinner tonight. Margret had choir practice, so we have the great pleasure of Fleur's company for the evening. We love chatting to her. We see eye to eye on lots of things.

Here she is looking out of my lounge window with natural light on her face.

This morning I had my long awaited and anticipated appointment with Heidi, the best physio I have ever known. I wanted her to examine my knees and see what she thinks about surgery. After all, I walked 10 miles yesterday, so surely I don't need a operation yet??

It didn't take long for her to examine Arth and Aggie and pronounce that Arth is definitely ready for the chop. I can't straighten him properly and the joint is unstable. Basically, Arth is held together by the muscles. She thought my quads were in good shape which was good news too.

(Arth has sulked painfully ever since, but that's only to be expected!)

Heidi also gave me very good information about how I will be post operatively. Plenty of food for thought there.

Back to Humshaugh through awful traffic so I was a bit late for the choir rehearsal for our coffee concert. (Apparently afternoon tea sounded too posh!) We had tea coffee and cakes with a good cross section of the village who came along. Then we sang. We did really well, and I'm amazed at the progress we have made in two terms.

Daisy is in the house again and ready to settle on my bed for the night. Oscar has been sighted but as soon as he sees us, he runs away. He eats in the conservatory so we know he is not starving.

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