We only have one view from our cottage

... so it’s become my studio for the second day in a row.  Rain definitely stopped us playing outside this morning and at least this has justified me bringing half my supply of drawing materials on holiday.  The rain had actually cleared somewhat when I took this photo.  When I was sitting here sketching the cloud was so low that it was virtually impossible to distinguish the  hills from the sky.  It providing me with the challenge of capturing dull and dismal light today as opposed to the much stronger colours that were on view yesterday.  I’ve drawn this scene many times and I still struggle to get the farmers sheds looking OK - they’re just over the wall to the right and not visible from this angle and I always find trees a struggle.

p.s. Late afternoon - it had stopped raining so we set off to Saltburn.  As we approached the coast the sun was shining and we had a lovely couple of hours enjoying the sea and the sun.  The light was stunning too. (See extra)  I’ve got some very interesting photos to look through including the 2018 display of knitted characters from story.  This year they are raising money for Teesside Hospice - a cause after my own heart.

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