Abstract Light

The light on the bookshelf reflected off the television screen caught my eye. It has become a bit jaundiced what with the blistering hot weather and the smoky atmosphere. I had intended to see what I could do with it once I got it up on the computer, but that was not to be.

I have been trying to locate some lost pictures and organize my photo albums...the virtual ones...for long enough today that I had to recharge my computer before it would do anything to cooperate with me. I’m writing this on my phone while my computer reboots and recharges and OilMan tries to coerce Ozzie to go outside.

I have fiddled a bit with the ‘Moblie Monet’ App on my phone, but I don’t think an iPhone screen is a very good canvas....

Ozzie has become a creature of habit in his old age and cannot understand that the driveway, the direction of his usual after dinner walk, is just too hot to walk on without shoes. Since he doesn’t have any of those he needs go out in the field, but he doesn’t want to

I think I understand how he feels....

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