0408 - Cuarto día de ola de calor

Forth day of the heat wave. In many places the worst day. For us 2 degrees less than yesterday and 2 degrees less than predicted for tomorrow.

We got up at 6 am and took the doggos out immediately. It was nice and cool. The sun was still down. And all of us felt the fresh air of the early morning so great that we might do it again tomorrow.

So at 7:45 I was already out of the door and walking to the beach. Walking fast. It only took me 25 minutes to get there. Personal record. Half an hour of swimming and then about the same time walking back home. I was home 9:15 well before the heat landed. And the beach was so lovely and tranquil.

Yesterday evening they had on the news a section about the streets in Spanish towns being completely empty due to the heatwave. They visited many towns and it was all the same. While the reporter was talking they played the "Walking dead" theme song in the background. It was quite funny. And where were all the people you may wonder? They were

at the beach! of course!

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