The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Gable end of Blackboys school, Stroud

Yes, it really is called Blackboys. There was, and still s, a clock mounted on the wall featuring a little black.boy in a grass skirt, striking the hours mechanically. The school was called Blackboys, and the flats maintain the same name.

In the 21st century, should we in Stroud change the name? Remove the clock? Is there, somewhere in Africa, a Whiteboys school with a clock with a stereotyped figure marking the passing of the hours? Discuss.

Good job I walked to the market and snapped this
(It's SOOC, apart from straightening) on the way, because the afternoon turned rainy. Mr Blue Sky has hidden away. The market was good, however, very busy, and it's even better to be home again out of the rain.

There was an incident, a fight, I believe, in the High Street, at noon. I nipped out and saw three police cars and one undercover 4x4, parked mid-street, but the 'baddies' had been towed away. Not usual for a small-town Saturday lunctime.
Must go online and find out more.

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