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Checking the route for the Tree Walk

Brian, Henry and I are the team for the Tree Walk in the Autumn Festival. We walked the route today with Bill Burlton, our tree expert. He used to manage the enormous Kielder Forest, north of here.

Our tree walk starts in  Allen Banks, which, as always, was very beautiful. It is suitable for the Tree Walk. Sadly, some of the rest of the route is too steep and slippery for us to include. 

Both Henry and Brian know the area well and they soon had a new route mapped out for us. Now I have to find a date when we can all do it...….

Back at home I managed a quick, much needed, shower before Andrew and Liz arrived. Andrew is the eldest of my cousin Eric's sons. A and L are going biking in Kielder Forest tomorrow. I have given them a large spray can with lots of DEET in it. I suspect the midges are at their peak now. I was certainly bitten today.

It was brilliant to see them.

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