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Blending in

The weather looked a bit iffy this morning, but Sarah Davy, local author, and I set off to do the Bellingham Circular we will use for Sarah's Flash Fiction walk in the Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival.

Apart from a few splashes of rain, it stayed dry. There were lovely white, fluffy clouds in a blue sky. Sarah loved the magical  place I've included in the walk and I could see her head was full of ideas for the stories that might be written there.

I managed to take us a bit high at one point, but the views were great. Near to one farm driveway we saw this roller. It blended in with the wall in the colour image, but I liked this sepia version too.

We had lunch in the Carriages. Lovely.

Mum had a 'phone call to say her specs were ready so we hightailed it off to Durham to have them fitted. They were very tricky and we could not make the ptosis loops work. They may need adjusting. This is when the distance from the optician becomes a problem. We did have easy journeys in both directions, but it is quite a long way.

Arth, Aggie and I feel fine after the walk and want to get out more as soon as we can.

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