Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Dick and Angus

It's been a showery day.

I've made a small dent in the piles of stuff in the study.

Julie came for coffee. She had a wallop of a fall in Edinburgh the other day and has magnificent bruises to show for it. Fortunately she has nobroken bones.

After lunch, I popped into Hexham for a supermarket shop. We are now restocked with essentials.

This evening, Dick and Angus came to do the garden. The regular rain showers are making Dick's life difficult. We had time for a chat, particularly about all the butterflies this year.

Angus is a very happy, enthusiastic dog. I found him a new tennis ball to race after. After about 6 throws he takes it to a water butt (just a low one) and washes it and himself! I throw the ball, but try not to be tempted to kick it. When he returns it, Angus puts the ball between his front paws and then throws it to my feet. Very clever indeed. He and Dick are pretty well inseparable.

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