Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


Until today, the combined ages of the three of us was 240.  It's my dang fault to have now made it an odd number.  But get this...241 is no ordinary number.  It is a prime number, a twin prime number, a Proth prime number and  a lucky prime number.  (241 has its own wiki page!)
You have to humor me, I was a teacher of mathematics and patterns like these intrigue me.  

It started out as a pretty lousy day.  The weather was crummy, my head hurts, my ice maker and dispenser was broken and awaiting service and the guy who was picking up the oxygen equipment at my Mom's house showed up early.  I had to send my sandwich back at lunch, the lemon meringue pie I special ordered must have been made a day or two ago because the meringue was separating and two friends cancelled on dinner.

But then I had a really nice, long talk with my brother, Andy. His birthday was last wednesday.  Every year we are the same age for a week. He's the one person I can share with and ask for advice on all sorts of things. That was followed by dinner out with Yolanda and Mom.  My brother in Buffalo (from whom I never hear) called as we were eating so we couldn't really talk.  It was late (past 9:00) on the east coast and he's an early to bed early to rise guy so I'll call him back to chat tomorrow.

Yolanda, and Mom, of course, are wonderful and I love them dearly.  So glad the day ended better than it started.  Tomorrow afternoon the plan is to go to see the movie Crazy Rich Asians.  

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