That pesky charity shop....

Friday lunchtime I often spend my 30 minutes in the Sue Ryder Vintage shop. It seems to cast a spell as I walk past, then sucks me in. I am so weak. Today was no exception. Unfortunately I had a bit of money in my purse, but only 20 minutes. I browsed through some vinyl - saw a Commodores album I might have bought, for £3 but it wasn’t screaming out ‘buy me’ so I kept browsing.

Upstairs is the bric a brac. On a chair there was a pile of paper collectibles- books, music sheet, old cards, stuff like that. Then I found these photos. They have real character. Obviously stills from the film, but where from, I don’t know. On the back of these 4 is a printed explanation of the scene/ actors etc. At the bottom, a rubber stamped message saying this photo is the copyright of 20th Century Fox Films. It seems like an odd thing to stamp on to photos. I thought Mollie could take them back to Uni to see if she can find out any more. They are quite big. Perhaps they were promotional. They are from the Jayne Mansfield film The Girl Can’t Help It. A good title for me when I go in that shop...

Work is so busy. I drove in again today as Daniel was catching a train to London. As I was parked in Norwich, I went home via Aldi and did my shopping, then collected Mollie from Cromer.

I’m going to do a bit of family history research as Ancestry is free this weekend. I usually miss out. So I’m going to start now!

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