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Community challenge results for 'We Love Animals"

Our latest community challenge “We love our animals!” just closed.  It asked blippers to show us their connection to or with an animal, going beyond a pretty portrait of the animal. 
There were lots of really nice entries and you can see the whole collection by typing: #cbanimals into the search bar.
So, in no particular order, here are some entries, which met the challenge’s criteria and stood out to me.
Quite a few images showed the comfort our animals provide to us -- during hospitalstays, after an injury, make the healingeasier. 
Others revealed their closeness to us – brotherlylove, kisses,  friendship, keeping us company at work,  warming our hands, going along on our hikesor rides, or to the beach, invading our space, getting acquainted with the younger setjumpingfor joy when we return, sitting patiently during care, participating in an interview, bringing back a gift, and helping us with our hobby
Not all animals are furry and there were nice captures of our feathered friends too: eye contactwith an owl, a tentative touch, and a gorgeous close-up of a falconerand his bird.  Others would qualify as wildlifebut seem to have made themselves comfortable around us.
And finally, my personal favorites – either because the image is beautiful or the connection is well depicted, or both! Entirely subjective J
- The picture of bliss
- A faceonly a mom could love?
Puppy love
Head bunting
And a closing wink: I’ve got your back!
Hope to see you at the next challenge!
Michele (aka Alsacienne)

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