We are staying in Wye. I am not sure if it is a small town or a large village. It has just about everything we could possibly want. An idyllic place.

We caught the train to Canterbury this morning, and had a good look around. A lot of the time we spent in and around the cathedral, which is just fabulous. The extra is of 100 clear glass amphorae suspended from the ceiling of the nave, and forming the boat of remembrance, representing each year since 1918. There are glass artworks in various places in the cathedral, all part of the “Under an Equal Sky” exhibition.

The building is full of wonderful stained glass. I liked two modern windows created by a Hungarian Jew, Evin Bossànyi, who escaped nazi Germany for Britain in 1934. This image looks like the tardis, but is in fact the doors of a concentration camp thrown open. I have never seen stained glass incorporating a very small swastica - the key to hell. He later the UK for the USA, joining a Hollywood Studio. It’s pretty clear from his drawing skills which one.

We caught the train back to Wye, as we had booked to join a walk. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the opening of the North Downs Trail there is a week of events in and around Wye. We joined a Mindfulness walk, based around the Stour Valley trail (which also passes through). Our leader took us through mindfulness as we walked. Interesting. And lovely light all the way.

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