Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom


This is my "fidget spinner".  I photographed it spinning on a white table.  The rest was done by LunaPic.  I was trying to think of some way to make it a more interesting image so I tried various filters and overlays.  This was my favorite.  I actually tried to recreate it with my phone but I couldn't get it to turn out like this.   Many thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host Abstract Thursdays!

Thanks to everyone for all the visits and stars for my bug blips.  I tried to visit everyone today and sprinkle stars and hearts but I still don't feel like I'll have time for comments for a few more days so I'm leaving mine off.

I was grateful to finally get back to water aerobics today.  It felt so good to exercise!  Now I will be able to get back to going three times a week again. :-))

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