An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Proud Gran...

We had a lovely afternoon at Andrew and Nikki's.  Andrew is back at work so it was a girl's afternoon...well D was there too so we let him make lunch and be an honorary girl for the day :-)

Ele was there when we arrived then my niece Jennifer arrived with her friend Becca and her little boy Max (ah so David wasn't the only boy) then Nikki's mum arrived.   Max is nineteen months old now and as cute as ever.  He has the most beautiful smile and dimples to die for.  He certainly knows how to be a charmer.  He wasn't too keen on his mum cuddling Esme though :-)

The main purpose of our visit was for me to take Esme's passport photo, but with a house full of people, there wasn't much opportunity to do it until just before we left.  

So many rules for the passport photos, even for a newborn!  Got one perfect shot that meets all the rules but I think the focus is too soft.  Oh well, another excuse to get see Esme and take more photos.

Nikki gave us a thank you card for Esme's gifts and I was really chuffed to see she'd used photos I'd taken of Esme to decorate the card.  

Just as we were leaving Ele (Gran :-) was holding Esme and I took my chance to sneak a quick shot of them.  I had hoped to take some proper photos of Gran and Grand-daughter but with so many people there, including a toddler, and poor light, it wasn't really possible but I am pleased with this one as it literally was a quick snap.

Now it's time to complete my Tesco online order and for some reason the Tesco website isn't loading properly on my laptop so will have to try to do it on my phone.  Heaven knows what will arrive tomorrow morning!!

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