What a Cycle Path!

I'd planned to cycle on the old road north as the new road takes virtually all the traffic, making for a very peaceful trip on the e-bike. However, when I arrived at the turning all the traffic was diverted onto the old road for some reason. I almost turned back but then suddenly realised I could cycle, all alone, along the new(ish) road. What a wonderful feeling to have all that space around me and the only sound being the whir of my tyres.
Eventually the road was reopened and suddenly I was surrounded by traffic and double trailered lorries whooshing by but after a short while I found a way onto the now-empty old road.
Having got to the High Coast Bridge I felt I had to cycle over it and relax with a coffee in the hotel on the far side.  The extras show the view from the bridge, and from the hotel veranda. As I sat there I felt fairly tired as I'd done the 20 km with very little e-help. On the trip home I used a lot of e-help particularly on the two long hills.

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