Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


When I popped into town earlier in the week, I went into Poundland and look what I found!  There were lots of goodies wrapped in pink and I couldn’t resist them, but to be fair, I haven’t eaten any of them yet, and will leave them wrapped so that I am not tempted.  As we were told in the sermon on Sunday, you may have the desire to do something, but until you actually do it you are not sinning!

In our new Poundland most of the tills are self-service, but I was glad I went to an actual  person because when I got there, she told me that the “Jammy Dodger” biscuits were 3 for £1 and I had only picked up one packet.  She told me that I could pay, then just go and pick up another two packets and that would be fine - I must have an honest face!

Mr. HCB helped me move the table near to our blue fence so that I could do a pano shot for Wide Wednesday and I roped Chutney in but thought he should wear a badge to promote BCAM and you will see he is also wearing a pink ribbon.

Mr. HCB is much better today - and thanks you all for your kind wishes - so we spent the morning in the garden - he was using the hedge trimmer, inside and outside the fence - and I had dared him to use it without me being around - so I was generally chopping things down using the secateurs and the loppers.  I did actually go a bit mad on the honeysuckle and it is now down to ground level - but as we always say, it has two chances.  I even found a colony of snails - I never knew they cuddled up so close together and there were loads of them - so they went on a little journey over the fence.  The garden is looking good so we just need the main flower border, which has been dug, to break down and then Mr. HCB and his friend, Barry, will be going out to collect some manure and hopefully by the Spring, we will be back in business.  

When I went indoors to make us some lunch, I realised the light in the fridge was off, so Mr. HCB had to check the electrics and sure enough, two switches had tripped - good job I spotted that.  When he checked the hedge trimmer, it appears that the lead twisted when it went over the fence and it obviously shorted the electrics in the house.  I am not too bothered, because I’ve told him I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to do that sort of work for much longer - after all, he is well past his “threescore and ten” years - he did pull a face, but I think he knows I’m right.

Please join me during 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By clicking here
So that those who are not able to pay
Can have a free mammogram. 

“I look at my cancer journey
     as a gift;
it made me slow down and
     realise the important things in life
and taught me not to
     sweat the small stuff.”
Olivia Newton-John

P.S.  The theme for Wide Wednesday is "closed" - this fits because my lips and all the packets are still closed although I don't know for how long because Fry's Turkish Delight and Ruffles are my favourites!! ;-) 

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