Autumn in the garden

I have enjoyed two little outings today. The first was with Mr hazelh along the river to the filling station to pick up the Sunday papers for my parents. We walked past the spot where we swam on 15th July. The river is very swollen today. You wouldn't risk a dip unless you were prepared for a chilly, speedy trip downstream all the way to Newcastle.

My second outing was with my mother. We trekked all the way to the far end of the paddock while my father was sleeping this afternoon. Mummy hazelh hasn't been this far since the spring, so our little walk was quite an adventure for her.

While I was out with my mother I blipped the view across the bottom lawn. The big copper beech (which I have blipped before at this time of year on 12th October 2014 and 15th October 2017) features in my extra.

My not-so-little sister and her partner have returned to Newcastle so  peace has resumed in the house.

Exercise today: walking (15,808 steps).

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