Iceland Colour

It might seem strange to be working on an Iceland theme when we’re staying in the middle of the North York Moors, which yesterday were both wet and misty but as it wasn’t a morning for venturing out in the rain so I indulged myself with blue’s and greys.  Still this landscape has  probably got more of the rounded shapes of the hills here than the cragginess of Iceland, but the colours are more Icelandic.  I’ve been saving  a link to Trevor Pollards mono prints on my desktop, which I like very much,  but I cannot quite reconcile his use of geometric shapes and straight lines with the Iceland we encountered.  I’m also waiting for my Blurb layflat book to arrive (apparently they have to be printed in the US at the moment) so Iceland has been on my mind again recently.

This was created using the iPad App, `Procreate’ and was in part an exercise in getting to know the brush tools a little better.  I tend to return to the programme intermittently and by the time I do I've forgotten everything I once knew.  What I’m hoping to do is to develop some of these as mono prints but feel I need to build up my sketches as a resource first.

It was lovely to meet up with Pixelfoto and Guy again and to catch up with their world of photography yesterday afternoon for a few hours.  I think we hit on a very busy week for them.  So thank you for the tea and chat which we enjoyed very much.  Our drive home was quite horrible with heavy rain and lights reflecting in the the windscreen but we made it safely back, even if I was driving slower than the people behind would have liked!

p.s. and we got to try a biscuit (see Pixelfoto link) - delicious

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