Lost in Thought

By steveng

Slater's Bridge

From our last full day at LPH.  We were in Little Langdale and spent a while at Slater's Bridge before going on to Cathedral Quarry as the rain began.

I had an interesting morning, in that I had somehow enabled touch screen shutter, which made for some confusing events when I touched the screen to pick a focus point, and had the shutter release two seconds later.  I also had managed to select servo focus, so when I did touch the shutter button, the focus squares were blue rather than their usual green.  Consequently,  I have many images with figures part way over the bridge and/or focussed somewhere unexpected.  I'll put it all down as a learning experience!

I did manage to get this low level image after realising what I had done and as the exposure is not too bad, it has become my blip.  If anything, I think the viewpoints NickyR and Rock Area chose are preferable, but I quite like the way my low angle has emphasised the rocks.  6 images averaged together in the camera to give a long exposure effect and blur the water.

More could be done with this one, but that might have to wait until I have gone through a few more Photoshop exercises.

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