Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Love Locks

Wow, yesterday was so manic, I didn't even have the time (or energy) to download and look at the pictures I took!

An early start to get to the OaSis meeting for 9:30. G was the speaker, so there were a few things to take. Her talk went well and one of the ladies - our friend Veena - organised a cake for a special event happening on Thursday! (See extra)

We got home really to crash out, except there were too many things vying for my attention with regard to the website. Think I managed to have a thirty-minute power nap; and then, we collected our friends Mary and Elizabeth to introduce them to the Last Exit.

They haven't been to any of them. We chose to go to the one in Khawaneej, which also happens to be the closest one to us. They were suitably impressed and thrilled and it was fun walking around the site listening to their comments. The love locks bridge (referred to over here as the "Promise Bridge") generated the most chatter, especially the one in my extra.

We dropped them back home driving on the most scenic routes possible, as you do. :)

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