I usually like to take a photograph from our own garden for Flower Friday, and this morning, whilst Mr. HCB was out getting the car checked over, I had my shower, and then went out to look for a flower - wearing my pink robe, of course.  Sadly, there wasn’t much about, but I did spot this rose that was well past its “sell by” date, but I rather liked it and still think it looks beautiful. 

I tried out my new Lumix so snapped it from a few different angles - this one is SOOC so although I could have “tarted it up”, as they say, I decided not to.

I saw several friends in town and it was great having the time to stop and chat and then I met up with another friend this afternoon, who is going through a difficult time, so it was good to have a coffee and chat with her.  Whilst I was in town, I bought the last few little Christmas presents, so just need to get the ones that need to go abroad wrapped and sent off.

Out tonight to some more friends for a meal - so may not get around to commenting much.

Today I am grateful for:

1.  Seeing friends I haven’t seen for a while
2.  Being able to support and encourage a special friend 
3.  A cheery bus driver, even though the bus was very crowded

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