Under the Tyne Bridge

We left my parents' house this morning with my brother-in-law, who is driving all the way back to Sussex on his own today. He dropped us off in Newcastle from where we caught the train back to Edinburgh. Meanwhile my middle sister has stayed in Northumberland to keep my mother company and visit my father in hospital.

When I rang the hospital from my parents' house this morning I was surprised to hear that Daddy hazelh's appetite had returned (he apparently devoured a 'cup a soup' in the middle of the night!) and that he had been chatting to the nurses. My sister and mother found him cheerful, alert and watching television when they arrived for their visit this morning, and have reported that he has been working his way through the Sunday papers this afternoon. My sister sent me photographic evidence which I have added as an extra. I'm not sure what to make of this having endured so much trauma and stress over the past two days!

I took my blip under the Tyne Bridge from the entrance of the Backyard Bike Shop café where Mr hazelh and I roosted before catching our train home.

Exercise today: minimal walking (7,618 steps).

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