All caught up beginning  two days ago..

My old friend is really  getting decrepit but I guess after a couple hundred years or so he's allowed to show his age.  Many of you will be familiar with Fingerbob.  I've been blipping him at least once a year since 1 January 2014.  Here's a pictoral history  over the course of five years, including the derivation of his name.  I think his location (near a church) may be helping him survive.

It was a cool (60°/16°) day but gloriously sunny.  I am going on a Camera Club field trip tomorrow so I hope I get some blip-worthy shots.  No hints because I might blow it.  It's also going to be a lot warmer (72°/22°) which will be nice since we'll be walking around a part of the City of Tucson.

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