There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Whole Gang Selfie at Childhood's Gate

So I confess I have recently acquired a new creature or two. I cannot be stopped, it seems. Last week, two new festive mice (included in the extras here and here) came along home with me from the Palmer Museum gift shop on campus. And on this day, they clamored to go on an adventure!

They wanted to see the Christmas tree in the Glass House at the children's garden, Childhood's Gate. So Tiny Tiger and I escorted them there. We could see the tree inside. The lights were lit but it wasn't decorated yet, and the doors were locked. Rats! So close, and yet so far!

So we played around with the garden kaleidoscope, checked out the little free library, and took selfies with the friendly rattlesnake who guards the gate at the children's garden. (OK, so technically not a selfie, as I took the photo, but still.) This was our favorite of the set!  For his part, the snake said, "Things are getting mighty crowded around here!"  :-) Yeah, TELL me about it!

Our soundtrack song is a Beatles classic: With a Little Help from My Friends.

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