English Concertina

I'm in the Oswestry Art Society. I've never put anything in their exhibitions as I'm nowhere near good enough but do enjoy their workshops which are usually by visiting artists.

Today was the society's Christmas buffet, an informal occasion with a lot of chat and an art quiz and free raffle (I wasn't successful in either of course!) 

One of the committee knew that I play concertina so I was asked to play some tunes as a bit of entertainment. I chose some dance tunes and some Christmas songs and carols so they had a bit of a sing too. 

I didn't take a photo while I was there so the blip is of my trusty and beloved Wheatstone concertina. I played it during the "do" so it's relevant.

If anyone is interested in it's innards, here is a photo of it opened up when F did a repair.

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