We had a good service at Church despite the laptop deciding to play up - but it takes more than not having words on a screen for us to stop worshipping!  Today was the third Sunday in Advent when we were thinking about “joy”  and the fact that “happiness” is based on what is happening AROUND us but "joy" is based on what is happening WITHIN us.

After Church we went out looking for dereliction and found some near Minety.  We had been past this a couple of weeks ago and fortunately, Mr. HCB had remembered where it was.  I got out of the car to take some photographs, and was very surprised to see, in amongst all the ramshackle and dilapidated buildings, two little faces peering out at me.  If sheep could talk, I’m sure they would have said to each other “Whatever is that woman doing taking photographs of this lot?”  

I actually found it very sad to see these buildings in such a run down state with so much rubbish around and feel sure that the sheep weren’t that happy being there, locked up in a tumbledown shack.  In fact, I wanted to go and let them out so that they could run free, but of course, I didn’t, because it wasn’t my place to do so.

My collage shows how terrible it was - you can even see the sheepskins that had been shorn just tumbling out of a rusty bin.  Perhaps someone who is very old owns this smallholding and cannot do the work they used to - or perhaps someone owns it and just doesn’t care.  Either way, it was a sad and sorry sight to see.

"How it is that animals understand things 
     I do not know, but it is certain 
          that they do understand. 
Perhaps there is a language, 
     which is not made of words 
          and everything in the world 
               understands it. 
Perhaps there is a soul hidden 
     in everything and it can always speak, 
          without even making a sound, 
               to another soul." 
Frances Hodgson Burnett

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