Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Newcastle were playing at home this afternoon against Fulham.  I went out earlier than usual in case there was road congestion again and the buses were running late.  However the bus actually came on time - and it wasn't full. 
As I was in town early I did a bit of shopping in Wilkinsons ( bird food ) and The Grainger market ( mince pies ).

Then I walked through Eldon Square shopping centre where I took my blip shots. The quartet of young ladies were singing - Christmas songs mainly but also This is Me - from The Greatest Showman.  They were excellent.  I found a spare seat nearby and listened for a while.  There was a lady with a collection bucket - and also a Minion with a collection bucket. A bit random I thought.  Mind you the children loved him and were dancing around him.  I have tagged it for Silly Saturday hosted by admirer.

On to the football.  The score was 0 - 0. Since I got home I read a report of the match and I wonder if I was watching the same match.  The report said Newcastle were woeful and had no goal scoring chances - and more in the same vein.  From my point of view they did have chances. There were some good runs and passing. They worked hard in defence and didn't concede a goal.  I enjoyed the match but of course Newcastle really should have got 3 points playing at home.  There were boos at the end - there always is these days. 

The weather at 3pm was perfect for watching football.  Bright and dry.  But as time went on it got really cold.   I was glad to get into Waitrose after the match to get warmed up.. It was busy.  The whole of Newcastle was busy.  Not surprising when you have all the usual Christmas shoppers plus 51,000 football fans.

Just finished watching a film on BBC2.  I hardly ever watch films on TV but this one had Johnny Depp in it.  It was The Lone Ranger.  I really enjoyed it - I was laughing out loud it was so much fun.

Steps today -9,590

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