Bridges and Reflections

Lazy morning then I caught a bus to Gateshead.  I had a ticket to go and see the film The Snowman at The Sage - music played live by The Northern Sinfonia Orchestra.

I got a really early bus so I would be there in good time.  In the end I had plenty time to spare so I had a wander.  Started off at the Tyne Bridge then walked across the Swing Bridge, along the Newcastle Quayside, over the Millennium Bridge and into The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.  ( shown in the thumbnail )

I took lots of photos as I walked.  My main blip shows the Millennium Bridge and The Tyne Bridge. The collage in my Extra shows The Sage, The Tyne Bridge and The Millennium Bridge.  The Millennium Bridge changes colour throughout the evening.

Then to The Sage.  The performance started at 5pm.  First of all we went on a Bear Hunt.  There was a lady on stage who told the story and the audience had to repeat what she said -- and do the actions. I wasn't familiar with the story but I soon got the idea.  Then we had a 20 min interval before The Snowman started.  Its a film I always enjoy and the music was excellent. A little girl came on stage to sing Walking In The Air.  She was very good.

Two musical links today -

 WALKING IN THE AIR    ( sung by Peter Auty - not Aled Jones )

and   FROSTY THE SNOWMAN  - by The Jackson 5  (for the Christmas musical link challenge)

After the film ended I walked to Gateshead to get my bus.  By this time it was very cold but luckily it wasn't icy.

I will have to try and go to bed early tonight as my friend Jan is making an early start in the morning to get to Morrisons before it gets busy.  So I probably won't have time for many comments this evening - will try and catch up tomorrow.

Steps today - 8,220

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