Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly


Before there was Dolly in our family, there was Angel. She was our first thoroughbred poodle, but our second family dog. Before Angel there was Freddy the half-poodle. The other half was, in my father’s words, a ‘travelling salesman’. Probably a Heinz 57 variety himself.

Anyway - Angel came into our family the year after both my father and Freddy died and the year before I left home and moved to the US. She would watch for me at the front window to come home from work every evening when my mum started cooking dinner. After I moved away, she still waited for me in vain for many weeks. Visits with her were precious when I came home to England, and 9 years later I returned to the UK and lived with her and my mum for a couple more years.

Angel had a very different personality to Dolly, but I loved her dearly. This ornament belonged to my mum, but I love hanging it on my tree now, along with other family ornaments I inherited from my mum. My Christmas tree is full of wonderful memories and I’m glad now that I put it up.

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