Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Cosy Christmas Camping

I landed from Washington early this morning with the whole day ahead of me to enjoy! (And no more flying until Jan 7th!! Yippee!)

Once home I had a long FaceTime with my dear Swedish friends and we opened our presents to each other while on the video call! I love what technology enables us to do!

I had a long nap and was up and dressed in time to watch the Queen’s speech at 3pm. Soon after I drove to my sister’s where I am staying for a couple of days. She had the usual crowd there with adult children and grandchildren. The Christmas meal is always in the late afternoon so I made it in plenty of time.

The weather is so mild right now that I decided it was warm enough to sleep in my Campervan! Who would have thought? In December? I have no integrated heating but I can plug a heater in when I’m hooked up to the electric and that was more than enough.

I brought a small Christmas tree and some of Dolly’s Christmas toys - a snowman and a singing Rudolph to help make the van cosy and festive. I wish Dolly was still here. She would have LOVED being cosy in the van!

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