With excitement, we looked out of the window this morning. It was too dark to see anything beyond the rusting fence last night, but we knew the sea was out there.  We're staying near Bunessan on the south west corner of Mull. It's our perfect location - water's edge, inlets and entirely tranquil.

We walked this morning along the headland to an old settlement. The basalt rock was a dramatic black against the white water of the incoming tide. We stood and watched for some time, taking in the solitude and pondering on the history of the people who lived here.

Retracing our steps and breathing deeply, we wandered back, still dry - feet too!

We decided we couldn't stay at the cottage for the whole afternoon so made a coffee and took a drive north to a lookout point. The weather had closed in and we saw little in the way of wildlife but enjoyed staring out across the loch. 

Catching the corner of my eye as we drove back in the fading light, a male hen harrier flew low near the car. The quiet road let us pull in and watch him dive and quarter some more before moving off. 

I've been awarded a maximum fifty points plus a smattering for a deer clambering up the hillside in front of us shortly afterwards. 

We've settled down, after one of my dinner party for eighteen meals, to a night of The Bodyguard. 

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