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By walkingMarj

Star quality!

My friend Maggie oozes star quality. She and I were sitting together for the first choir rehearsal of 2019 this afternoon. She came wearing several layers of clothes, in case the hall was cold, but reassured us that her coat was not real fur.

When she was a teacher she could hide 6 children inside that coat.

Maggie is a great sport so I think she will enjoy this photo. 

I had a very busy day today with Festival business. There is always a lot to do at this time and there are sometimes extra and tricky things to sort out. The programme should be signed off for printing first thing in the morning, which is always a big milestone for me.

Arth: We did well on the exercise bike this morning, didn't we?
Aggie: I'm glad you said we because it is a big joint effort to turn that wheel around, especially when you are not very strong yet.
Arth: I was thrilled that we got it round a few times. I should soon be big and strong again, shouldn't I?
Aggie: Let's hope so........

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