Evening Sky

I don’t know what time TT got up today, but I awoke half an hour before we were meant to be at school for rugby.  BB was still asleep!  It was a mad rush to get ready and out to school, where we were picking up one of TT’s chums before heading to Peebles for the first rugby game of the year.  It was a pleasant drive down, but it felt like it was getting greyer as we neared Peebles.

We deposited the boys, TT headed off on a run, and I joined some friends for a trip to a local café.  A very nice café it was too.  The cakes looked amazing, but it was a bit too early in the morning and we all went for something from the plain end of the cake selection.

We then headed back to watch the rugby, and TT re-appeared from his run to join us.  The boys won one game and lost one game.  I’m not sure what happened in the other.

We were then back to another café for brunch.  BB and his chum were eating for Scotland, and to be hones I struggled.  My cake having taken the edge off my appetite.  We then headed back home, with the weather brightening up as we go nearer home.

Later TT and I had a walk around by the river, before buying provisions for tea.

Even later we sat down to watch Stalin is Dead, but I lost interest.  TT enjoyed it.

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