It Takes Two

By laurie54


I was thinking about my brother Frank earlier so I post a photo of him from before the age of one.  It was probably taken in August of 1957 around at the same time as Andy's (2-yrs) birthday and mine (3-years).  Andy and I were lucky.  We weren't saddled with any weird nicknames, other than simple changes to our birth names (Laura/Andrew).  Poor Franklin, for the longest time he was called "Chookie."  Family lore has it that Andy and I tried calling him Junior and that's how it sounded.  Needless to say, at around the age of ten he revolted. 
John, brother #3 who came down from Albuquerque in November to give me a break has "convinced" Frank to travel from Buffalo, NY in March for a week while I disappear. I haven't gotten confirmation out of the horse's mouth yet.

I had a major opinion piece printed in the local paper today.  The editor gave me a heads up a few days ago to tell me it was running.  I asked to to edit/remove one sentence because it was written and submitted before the president read my mind and gave an address (un-newsworthy as it was) to the nation.  He left it in. Oh, well.  I would be interested in your feedback.

Speaking of horses...
Q: Why did the pony have to gargle?
A: Because it was a little horse!

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