By Teasel

Record Sale

No rugby meant long lies for all.  It was definitely a day for staying in bed – damp and really cold.  TT started his day with a run, to continue his plan to run every day in January.  Otherwise it was  a slow morning all round.  TT and I eventually went into town for a few things.  BB was still in his pjs when we got back.

Later I managed to get BB out of the house.  He suggested a river walk, which is what we did.  I came home a read my book in front of the fire while TT cooked a delicious curry.   The boys went to church and I watched The Lady In the Van.

Later TT and I watched a really rubbish film on TV.

When we were out, TT went to the local record shop.  He bought a couple of CDs, and I got a blip.

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