A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

I’ve got it sussed!

My job today was to pick Eda up from Nursery after she’d had her lunch.

It was a very cold morning but great blue skies again. I walked down the road for some grocery shopping, some money and a coffee. Yesterday in Boston Tea Party they had a Veganuary menu for the month of January, today in the Tinto Lounge they had a prominent Vegan menu as well as their usual. It’s the trend it would seem.

I went for Eda at 12.15 to find she was asleep, she’d fallen asleep having her lunch (pilchard pasta I was told!) I hadn’t the heart to wake her so soon so left her and went back after she’d had an hour. She was still asleep but I decided she would be OK having had an hour.
As it was still sunny and she’d had her nap we walked to the playground on Horfield Common.
Now of course she can walk so although we still went for the swings she is keen to try other things.
We climbed up the steps on the slide that is built on an Astro turf mound. It was tricky trying to sit her on it and rush round to grab her arm but really she didn’t move very fast in the usual sitting position. She quickly decided she would turn over and go down on her front. Much speedier and she did it without any help from me!
She was very pleased with herself and wanted to do it over and over again. As this meant walking round and round the mound and climbing the steps, lifting her on the slide and then running down the steep side after her, Granny was soon exhausted!
Still she didn’t complain when we left and then we had a fun three hours at home before mummy was back from work.

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