By Incredibish

31 Studio 31

If you're about the Stroud area there's currently a very decent exhibition on 31 Studio's 31 years of producing platinum photography. Janet and I nipped up to view it today on the recommendation of one of the facilitators at my photo group.

Platinum photography is almost a dead art, because of the complexity and the cost of production. 31 Studio have revived it, and there are some fabulous images on display. In the main photograph you may notice Jimi Hendrix, Fred and Ginger and other iconic pictures. I would put one up if I didn't consider copyright... oh, ok. Extra, extra, read all about it.

Idris Kahn's Houses of Parliament is superb, and redolent of the chaos in our national government right now. Almost as if there is a merging of multiple dimensions - in one of them they've sorted the perfect solution to Brexit. But which one?

The platinum process is significantly different in that there are no absolute blacks or whites, but instead a magnificent tonal run of greys. Also, because the platinum is absorbed into the paper upon which it's printed it does not fade nor decay. And because of the variation in absorption, each print is effectively unique!

We were also due to attend a talk on sacred springs and wells tonight, but I rather suspect we're too knackered now. Here comes the weekend (for those for whom weekends have any relevance at all...) :-)

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