Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


It is almost unheard of to have just a single blue jay in the yard, so I was surprised when this one flew in to grab some peanuts, quietly and alone.  But when he turned his head in the other direction, I realized that his right eye was injured, so maybe that is why he was alone?  The injury did not look terribly bad, but the eye is swollen.  Otherwise, though, the jay seems okay and was quick to grab several shelled peanuts before leaving.  

Nice chat with mom and dad this morning, who are back in Yuma, Arizona, getting ready for a big annual geo-caching event.  Then, hubs and I toddled off to the gym before he picked MIL up to take her for a ride and back here for dinner.

I'm feeling draggy today, so succumbed to a nice long nap this afternoon.  Yawn.


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