By ArcLight

De-Clutter Central

Working at home today, partly because of the grim weather this morning, partly because it was so cold in my office yesterday (I've been promised a solution for this), and partly so that I could carry on with my project of de-cluttering my study. I've photographed my study on a few occasions over the years, highlighting that I have to share it with a few other bits and pieces. Bicycles. Chairs. CDs, until we got rid of those after my digitisation project in 2017. Previously a plastic chest of drawers with painting supplies in it. Latterly the recycling boxes which got chucked out of the kitchen once it was renovated. Quite a bit of luggage and various other bits and pieces.

The latest step has involved switching things round to put my desk under the window. I like the effect. It feels bigger. And there's still quite a lot of stuff to move out. De-Clutter Central will continue for a few weeks yet.

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