A Proper Job

My fireplace project continued today. It started on Nov 28th and ground to a halt when I wasn’t happy with the builders. I made the difficult (and expensive) decision to replace them with the people I should have gone with from the beginning!

I had to wait a couple of months but finally today the new builders came and the project continued. The chimney was lined with the pipe (top left), the hole was made taller by removing the old lintel (top right) which was replaced with a new lintel a little further up (bottom left). They then lined the space with new boards (bottom right), ready for the plasterer who came later in the day to make good. I’m very happy with what they were able to do - not a difficult job, and no one can understand why the other builders were unwilling to do it (and in fact said it could NOT be done).

I’ll get the chimney breast and alcove painted this weekend and then the guys will return to do the final fitting of the stove. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will have a fully functioning fireplace once again! Can’t wait!

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