By Veronica

Le petit coin de paradis

I've tried several times from different angles, and I just can't convey what a delightful corner of paradise this garden is. Look, we have Swiss cheese plants growing outside the door! Bougainvillea, hibiscus, jasmine, oranges, lemons, succulents, cacti, all flourishing ... This morning Mystère and I enjoyed the garden while S was out at Spanish class. And then we had a lazy afternoon as well, apart from a bit of website admin. To my surprise, the corner shop stocks Dijon grain mustard, so dinner was pork in leek and mustard sauce. Accompanied with the wine we won last night.

Somehow I think we will be back ...

PS news on the flag front. I was disappointed that switching off flag display in settings also removed the country from the blipper's bio page. So I mentioned it to the Blip Central team and within hours they had fixed it! So now even if someone has switched the flag display off, you can still look at their profile to see where they are.

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