Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Swept away by spring

This morning really did feel like the first day of spring.  The sun was shining and it was warm.  Hazel, the ball and I went for an early walk in the park - a slight failure as the Rugby Club were having one of their Sunday sessions with about 500 kids.  Got so hot I wished I hadn't worn my coat.

Coming back I blipped these crocuses.  They grow all over the place round here.  I'm 95% sure they're the wild ones, crocus albiflorus, but have only just caught up with the fact there are wild crocuses.  Before this year I always passed them muttering 'garden escapes'.

What I loved here was the decaying broom leaning against the decaying wall behind them.  It looks a bit as though the flowers are hurrying away from it or else it is sweeping them off its patch.

Later V and Jax came round for a light lunch and an amble round the green where we saw a pair of mighty busy squirrels, and a blackbird guarding his nest.  (Already?  Perhaps).

Happy rest of Sunday  xx

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